Emerald Valley Artisan Cheese

Emerald Valley Artisan Cheese uses all natural, whole, raw milk with no added hormones, food colorings, or preservatives to make traditional, hand-crafted cheeses. Working from their dairy just north of Scenery Hill, they make cheddar, smoked cheddar, colby, swiss, hot pepper, mozzarella, farmers, and feta. In addition, they offer a wide variety of cheese spreads made from their own soft and delicious fromage blanc (a traditional French fresh cheese). Unlike most commercial cheese spreads, these spreads contain no gums or other extraneous additives, just a soft, spreadable cheese and the herbs, vegetables, and other cheeses used to flavor the spread. Emerald Valley also offers farm-raised veal (no hormones, no antibiotics, all-natural).

Emerald Valley Artisan Cheese
Alisa Fasnacht
166 Fava Farm Road
Scenery Hill, PA 15360